‘Suicide Squad’ Set to Pass ‘Man of Steel’ at Box Office

What a weird rollercoaster of a ride it has been for Suicide Squad.  When first announced, it was thought to have been a neat, fun team up movie with low expectations.  Then the fun, little movie was meant to be the saving grace of the DC Extended Universe after Batman v Superman failed to blow people away.  Then the famous Blitz Trailer started to build hype and hope, THIS was the DC movie we’ve been waiting for!  Then the reviews came in mostly negative and it posted a Rotten Tomatoes score of 26% and it was all doom and gloom.  Then it won 3 weekends in a row at the box office, all while breaking records.  Now Suicide Squad is set to pass Man of Steel at the box office.  See what I mean?  Rollercoaster.

Man of Steel ended its domestic box office run at $291 million, and as of last night Suicide Squad was just under $290 million.  And with it being a long Labor Day weekend, Suicide Squad will certainly pass Man of Steel sooner rather than later.

When first released, Man of Steel was originally intended to be for Superman what Batman Begins was for Batman, a gritty, realistic origin of the character.  It was also intended, much like with Batman, to be the beginning of a trilogy of Superman films.  However, mixed critical reception and underperforming box office numbers inadvertently made Man of Steel the start of the cinematic DC Universe we have today.

While Batman v Superman returned us to Metropolis and took us to Gotham City, Suicide Squad expanded the new DC film universe even further by showing us the new Arkham Asylum, Belle Reve Prison, as well as Midway City.  We also received the DCEU Joker, along with the first cinematic Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Killer Croc.

Next up for the DCEU, we will be heading to Themiscyra during World War 1 in Wonder Woman, which comes out June 2, 2017!


Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports