Harley Quinn Lays The Smack Down on Blue Beetle in Full Match from ‘Injustice 2’

Just days after a new trailer confirmed Harley Quinn and Deadshot to appear in Injustice 2, we are treated to a clip showcasing an entire fight involving the Clown Princess of Crime. In it, she goes toe-to-toe with Blue Beetle just in time for the launch of his new comic book series.

What I can glean from the footage is that the gameplay mechanics seem very similar to that of the first installment’s. Both characters get to show off their super moves, but it’s Harley that steals the show with her over the top move set and outfit that will inspire countless cosplayers.

Be sure to check out this full clip, courtesy of IGN’s Facebook page.

Injustice 2 should see release sometime in 2017.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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