‘Gotham’ Season 3 Character Posters, Morena Baccharin Reveals Lee’s New Beau

Gotham season 3 is on the horizon, Batfans! In just over a month, we’ll be catching up with the residents of the fair city of Gotham, including hobo Bruce Wayne (revealed at the end of the season 2 finale) as well as zombie Fish Mooney.

During the Gotham panel at SDCC 2016, Morena Baccharin, the lovely actress who plays Jim Gordon’s second love interest in the show, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, revealed that Lee is currently involved with a man… who isn’t Gordon, since leaving the show midseason.

Comic Book Resources had a chance to speak with her at SDCC, where she revealed that her character appears in the the first episode of season 3. In a seemingly candid moment, she also revealed that her character’s newest beau is a new character and he is, in fact, former crime boss Carmine Falcone’s… son. It’s a new character, folks. Though it would have been extremely interesting if she was dating the man who used to own nearly half of Gotham. We already know Falcone has an affinity for younger women too. Plus, I would really enjoy a return from John Doman.

CBR also managed some new, melodramatic, character posters for season 3.

Check it out below:

How could they leave the poor photographer out in the rain? Have they no compassion? The posters while visually striking, are a little boring. The ones I enjoyed most were Butch and Penguin’s posters, mostly due to their poses and facial expressions. And Fish Mooney only because she’s the only one who kind of looks like a comic book character with her over the top costume.

What do you think?

Gotham season 3 will be premiere on September 19th, on Fox.


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