Will Smith Claims ‘Viral Horniness’ Among ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast

That’s right, folks. You heard it right here. Will Smith, a hugely popular actor who’s worked with just about everyone you can imagine in his two decades as an actor, told MTV that the Suicide Squad cast is the horniest he’s ever worked with in all his years in the industry.

According to the actor, “There is sort of a viral horniness that happened with this cast.” Very tactfully, however, Smith refused to elaborate or say much more on the subject.

There’s not much to elaborate on with that, but it’s an interesting tidbit to know about the cast now that we’re one week out from release.

But Smith did mention an interesting anecdote about co-star Joel Kinnaman (playing Rick Flag in the film) being completely unable to hit his mark throughout shooting, despite how clearly it was laid out. “I just started bumping into him,” Smith said, “like in the scenes knocking him onto his mark.”

Suicide Squad opens next Friday, August 5th.

Nat Brehmer

Nat Brehmer

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