New ‘Gotham’ Poster Highlights The Court Of Owls!

New 'Gotham' Poster Highlights The Court Of Owls! Dark Knight News

Fox‘s Gotham has teased a shadow organization pulling the strings of Dr. Strange and orchestrating some of the major plot points for awhile now. Deep rooted fans of the show may have seen easter eggs throughout the last season, including an owl statue on the bookcase in the mansion belonging to Oswald Cobblepot’s father. In the Season 2 finale (spoilers), we finally got to see a woman on a television screen wearing the signature owl mask and giving orders. Now it seems like Fox is showing its hand, as an official poster was released over the weekend depicting what will likely be the main villain of Season 3. This is apparently part of Gotham‘s presence at International Comic Con in San Diego. Check it out below!


Obviously the last seconds of the Season 2 finale revealed a bunch of freaks being released upon the city of Gotham, including a clone (?) of young Bruce Wayne. We haven’t been given an official title for Gotham‘s third season, so perhaps that will give some more insight as to just how prominent the Court of Owls will be.

Gotham Season 3 debuts on Fox on September 19.

Joshua Howell

Joshua Howell

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