DC’s Rebirth Catalog for June 2016

Press Release:

62 pages of the free, stand-alone 96-page DC Comics June 2016 Previews Catalog are live online! The print catalogue will be packed with behind-the-scenes development material from DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH!
“Rebirth is about focusing in on the core of the character and their respective universe,” says writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. “It brings back what has been lost: the legacy of the characters, the love and the hope of the DCU!”
Included in the catalogue are full solicitations for June on-sale comics (plus DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Phil Jimenez and others hitting stores on May 25), along with July trade paperbacks, August hardcovers, October DC Collectibles items and more!
Take a deep dive into DC Entertainment’s solicitations now, and make sure to grab page 2 – it’s your checklist for DC’s hottest new comics hitting shelves this June.
What’ll be on your pull list?
There’ll be more development material in the free catalogue once it hits your comic book shop on April 13th! Pick it up and check out the bonus material!
Here’s a link directly to the online 62 page reader:


Images and information courtesy of DC Entertainment.

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