UPDATED! ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Opens Strong at Box Office


It looks like the worldwide grosses that I provided earlier were premature. According to Deadline, the international box office grosses coming in from Saturday has pushed the BvS worldwide box office gross to $424 million. This gross eclipses The Avengers and The Avengers 2 respective opening weekends, giving BvS the highest grossing opening weekend for any comic book movie. Lest we limit this behemoth, it turns out that BvS also managed to nab 4th in highest opening weekend… of all time. Although I never cared for money, I know that WB is intending to make a buck. More bucks means more DC movies. I’m happy.


It’s here. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally here. Have you been out to witness this historic event yet? You must have, but Batfans (Supes fans and WW fans) the world over came out in droves to support the first live-action appearance of the Trinity.

On Thursday night, BvS overtook Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Thursday night takings equated to $27.7 million, just barely edging out the Avengers sequel, but no less fueling the DC vs. Marvel war. However, it’s Saturday’s total box office earnings that should have WB celebrating. The set up for the DC Extended Universe earned itself a very respectable $170.1 million from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday showings thus far. This makes this the biggest opening for a DC Comics film ever and the best opening weekend in March.

And that’s just the domestic grosses. In international markets, the film earned itself a nice chunk of change at $115.3 million, bringing the current total up to $285.4 million worldwide. With production costs and marketing, the film needs to make about $1 billion for it to be a success. Does it have what it takes?

The film is projected to round out Easter weekend with $180 million domestically. However, box office earnings and projections can get mottled, so expect a more accurate tally of the weekend by Monday. Either way, this is a good sign for BvS and the larger shared cinematic universe to come.

Have you seen it yet? Tell us your thoughts.

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