Butcher Babies List Their Favorite Female Superheroes


Butcher Babies have been tearing up the metal scene for the past few years with their loud, crunchy riffs and two frontwomen who can scream with the best of the guys. I admit that I’ve only recently become a fan of theirs since they were announced as a supporting act for Cradle of Filth’s upcoming North American tour and I’m quite glad that I did. Having most of my time taken up reviewing and reporting news regarding comic books and movies doesn’t always afford me much time to check out new bands these days, so I’m quite glad that I’ll have an appreciation for their music going into the live show as opposed to being caught completely unawares.

Louder Noise recently caught up with vocalists Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd and asked who their favorite female superheroes are. Carla happens to be quite the comic book scholar and an accomplished artist, so believe me when I say she knows her stuff.

While some readers may not agree with Carla’s opinion regarding Harley Quinn, she has a firm grasp on what makes a strong superheroine role model and put together an eclectic list. You can check it out in the video embedded below.

While you’re here, feel free to watch their recent music video for “Igniter.”

Be sure to catch Butcher Babies on tour January-March with Cradle of Filth and Ne Obliviscaris.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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