‘Batman v Superman’ Image Offers Tease for Justice League Villain


Warner Bros. hasn’t been shy about letting everyone know that they want to do a Justice League film after Batman v Superman.  Recently, Empire revealed that they’ll be releasing an exclusive subscriber’s cover for their issue featuring the characters for the upcoming release of BvS, but some fans have gotten a hold of scans ahead of its release.

Ever since the second trailer was released, fans were eager to point out something looked an awful lot like Parademons, and among the images in the magazines scans, there is something that almost certainly confirms they are. There is a gigantic Omega symbol in the dirt, which is the signature symbol of New God and longtime enemy of all free-will, Darkseid.  It seems he’ll be planning his eventual motion picture debut for the Justice League film, perhaps in the same vein as when he debuted for the New 52 in the first arc of Justice League. 

Let’s hope we might catch a glimpse of the ruler of Apokolips and probable upcoming villain when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premieres on March  25.