Greg Capullo Tweets About a New Batsuit Design

Based on the opinions of our reviewers here, the arc entitled “Superheavy,” in which Jim Gordon has been carrying on as Batman, has been a mixed bag. Whether you love Gordon’s take on justice or not, the intention of the dynamic duo of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo was to put Bruce Wayne back in the cape and cowl by issue #50.

Capullo will then take a break from the Batman title to work with Mark Millar. It seems that, although not explicitly stated, with the return of Bruce, we may be seeing a new Batsuit, pending DC’s approval, of course.

Artist Greg Capullo took to Twitter and, in 140 characters, expressed his hope that DC will approve his new Batsuit. Don’t take it from me, see for yourself:

Capullo is calling it his “best idea.” As you can see, Snyder immediately lended his support. My hopes are up.

We don’t exactly know where this Batsuit will premiere if it gets the green light, but the logical choice would be for issue #50, when we welcome our buddy, Bruce.

Adam Poncharoen​sub

Adam Poncharoensub is a blogger, movie critic, and Born-Again Batman fan. When he’s not chained to his desk writing, he likes to spend his days spreading the gospel of the Dark Knight in the treacherous suburbs of Miami or working under Dropping Loads Productions, where he co-hosts a comedy podcast and produces sketches.