‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Officially Licensed T-Shirts Pre-Order Available

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just four months away. It’s pretty overwhelming to think that we’re so damn close to witnessing cinematic history. If I’m this excited about BvS being four months away, I can only imagine there are Star Wars fans frothing at the mouth knowing that the Force Awakens enters theatres next month.

The movie business, of course, is looking to turn a profit. Aside from the obvious box office sales, they’re looking at merchandise. Frankly, I’m surprised it took as long as it did to announce these. So four months until BvS hits theatres, Merchoid has just made available for pre-order some of the first officially licensed t-shirts for Batman v Superman. This is likely a start to what should be a ton of products for comic book fans and movie fans alike.

Take a look:

This propaganda angle doesn’t really have a lot of mass market appeal. I really do think they should go more traditional, like the symbol t-shirt. The second official shot of the Batmobile would make for a decent t-shirt. Or the photos of the trinity. Separate symbols for the trinity would also work pretty well. However, I have to admit, that I’ve definitely got my eye on that Gotham Demon shirt.

Each shirt will run you about $23.99 with free shipping worldwide. That’s a little on the high side as far as t-shirt prices go, but nothing outrageous.

What do you think? Do you like these unconventional t-shirt designs? Which is your favorite?


Adam Poncharoen​sub

Adam Poncharoensub is a blogger, movie critic, and Born-Again Batman fan. When he’s not chained to his desk writing, he likes to spend his days spreading the gospel of the Dark Knight in the treacherous suburbs of Miami or working under Dropping Loads Productions, where he co-hosts a comedy podcast and produces sketches.