WB’s Water Tower Gets The DC Treatment


Everyone has likely seen the iconic Warner Bros. water tower at some point in their life. It’s hard to imagine that it has never been customized since being introduced in 1927. Think about that. Not even the Looney Tunes characters have adorned it.

Seeing as how superheroes are now Hollywood’s bread and butter, it’s no surprise as to what was just unveiled. I guess Melissia Benoist, Ben McKenzie, Stephen Amell, and Grant Gustin have a lot to be proud of because their visages are the first to appear on custom billboards on the WB water tower. This was apparently done to celebrate CBS’ upcoming Supergirl show (premiering October 26). Other DC shows like Gotham, Arrow, and The Flash were also included.

Here’s a shot of the Supergirl and Gotham sides of the tower.

And here’s a look at The Flash and Arrow sides.

Melissa Benoist, Supergirl herself, was part of the festivities.

Such a crazy feeling. I mean really. Kara on the water tower at @warnerbrostv w/Flash, Arrow and Gotham @dccomics

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