Sign Up to LexCorp, be part of the ‘Batman v Superman’ Viral Campaign

lexcorp dark knight news viral campign

The excitement surrounding the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film has gone up to another level with Warner Bros. kicking off their LexCorp viral campaign. If you have not noticed already, Lex Luthor has launched his business website so to speak. You can navigate to the site here.

The website takes you through an overview of the vision and capability of LexCorp. Now, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the site, you can sign up and receive e-mail notifications. A few of us here at Dark Knight News have signed up already, and we assume that as we progress towards the launch of Batman v Superman, there will be more interaction from Lex to fans.

The viral campaign is a smart move from Warner Bros., who have been releasing more and more information on the 2016 blockbuster in a slow and steady pace. You can expect the excitement to ramp up now through the LexCorp campaign.

Damian Fasciani

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