Justice League Themed Office Products Shipping in January

The Justice League


Icon Heroes have brought us some interesting collectibles in recent memory, many of which are perfect for your home or work office. This latest batch that we’re getting a look at today is rather interesting. Included are Justice League paper clips and business card holders bearing the logos of The Flash and Wonder Woman. The card holders are a rather ingenious idea, but am I the only one who can’t help but think of American Psycho whenever business cards present themselves?

Here are descriptions and images of  said products exclusive to Previews and shipping in January.


Justice League Paper Clips Set of 40 ($20)
Just like the forces of good that bind the members of the Justice League together in a common purpose, these Justice League Paper Clips – featuring The Flash, Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern – are the heroic way to keep things organized in your own Hall of Justice!
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Logo Card Case ($30)
You won’t need a catchy theme song to let people know you’re wearing tights and fighting for their rights… not when you flash them the Wonder Woman Business Card Case! Featuring a glossy finish and emblazoned with Wonder Woman’s iconic sigil, this card case will immediately let the world of men know that you mean business!
Flash TV
Flash TV Logo Card Case ($30)
Let your clients know their assignments will be done in a flash, with The Flash Business Card Case! Featuring a glossy finish and emblazoned with Barry Allen’s iconic sigil, this card case will let everyone know that you may be the fastest man alive!
Eric Joseph

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