‘Darkseid War’ Kicks Off April 29th

The “Darkseid War,” the event super scribe Geoff Johns has been building to since the start of The New 52, finally begins on April 29. As the title implies, Darkseid will battle the Anti-Monitor for control of the cosmos with the Justice League caught in the crossfire. A new villain is set to be introduced that not only has a connection to Darkseid, but to a JL member as well. Intriguing.

This arc will kick off in the pages of Justice League #40 and is written by Geoff Johns with interior art by Jason Fabok. Those two really make magic together. Artists such as Phil Jimenez, Dan Jurgens, Scott Kolins, Jim Lee, Kevin Maguire and Jerry Ordway will also contribute to this introductory chapter.

Check out the standard cover by Jason Fabok and the variant cover by Alex Garner below.



Images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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