How To Become The Batman: The Video

We’ve all fantasized about becoming a vigilante super hero like Batman at one point or another. I mean how can you not? When you read Batman, you see the action, the drama, the fists of pure Justice saving the day over and over again. Then we’re swiftly brought back to reality by the fact that one; being a superhero is insanely difficult, and two; it’s insanely illegal to be a vigilante and thus the Cops will not be using a Bat Signal to bring you to them, but rather a manhunt that involves possibly causing you great harm.  So are you still on board on becoming just like Batman?

You are? For real?

Alright, so you’re onboard despite knowing those two important things and acknowledge the fact you will be breaking several laws, of which I can’t obviously endorse because it’s illegal and also not very smart. However assuming you ARE smart, Batman level smart with his ability to have plans within plans, maybe you won’t get caught, but I really wouldn’t recommend it. This EpicHowTo Video tells you what you need to know about how to basically become the Batman. It breaks down the costs, the skills, and everything you probably need to know in order to carry out your one person war on crime.  Hope you have the money, leisure time, and will power to go through with it.

Stay in school, eat your veggies, and don’t break the law people.

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