Adam West & Burt Ward to Star in New Batman Animated Movie

While great comics such as Batman ’66 and Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet have carried on the legacy of the Batman TV series, something else very exciting is on the horizon: Adam West and Burt Ward will reprise their roles as the Dynamic Duo in an animated film that will be released next year! It will have a 90 minute runtime and is set to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the TV show. Some speculate that it will synergize with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s theatrical release, but I suspect it will have a Quarter 3 2016 release, given WB’s schedule for releasing DC related animated features.

“You can look forward to a new, animated Batman full-length 90-minute feature coming out on the fiftieth anniversary,” Burt Ward said at a panel at Mad Monster Con. “One of possibly two, but for sure one, that Adam and I are going to be doing the voices for.”

Check out the announcement in the video embedded below!

Source: Consequence of Sound

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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