‘We Are Robin’ Details

Duke as Robin in a possible future
Duke as Robin in a possible future

In what appears to be a take on ‘Batman Inc‘, but for kid sidekicks instead, We Are Robin will be a new title post DC’s Convergence event. There will be a Robin movement of sorts to protect and serve Gotham City which will be lead by Duke Thomas. You might remember Duke from Scott Snyder’s ‘Zero Year’ Batman arc, where he appears as a child, or the issue of Batman And Robin Future’s End tie in where in a possible future, he does become the one and only Robin. According to writer Lee Bremejo, the group will not have an identity when it launches but they “know their mission statement”. In regards to why this book is staring a new cast of kids and not the former Robins, as well as current Robin, is for a reason.

I’m not going to rule anything out at this point, but what I’m trying to with this series is not address so much the Robins that have come before but the new generation of teenagers out there, really from various backgrounds.

Bremejo admits that he’s always had a hard time justifying why Batman uses children and teens in his war against crime. but rationalizes due how to the book will work.

Maybe there could possibly be many of these kids out there on the streets who have different talents and different capabilities that could be useful to Batman….With ideas and big concepts, teenagers can get really passionate about that stuff and it can be their whole life. That was something interesting to me, that this thing could be bigger than just one guy jumping around in a domino mask. You can take that concept of Robin and really play with it and really stretch it and expand upon it and bend it…It still will hold resemblance to the core of the character in the Bat-mythos.

Source: USA Today