Joel Kinnaman Confirmed For Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad film finally has it’s Rick Flag in the form of Joe Kinnaman, who you might remember from the remake of Robocop, who was confirmed today through french website, Allocine.  The translation of the report comes out to be;

The actor Joel Kinnaman confirmed to us his presence in the cast list for Suicide Squad, a film adapted from DC Comics, in which he will play the role of Rick Flag,

There’s not much information at the moment but it seems he will be playing Rick Flag Jr, as the previous Rick Flag will have been in World War II in a previous incarnation of the Suicide Squad. He doesn’t say he’ll be Rick Flag in the actual interview, but it seems all but confirmed by other sources. Tom Hardy previously dropped out of the role earlier this year and the role’s been up for grabs since.

“All I can say is that I will be in the movie, and it’s going to be amazing,”

We’ll have to wait and see when WB will officially announce his role to the public.

Source: Allocine via CBR