Special Steel Book Arkham Knight for Germany


Sprechen sie Deutsch? Ja? Well, good for you then, because that means you’ll be able to enjoy this brand new, German language, special steel book copy of Batman: Arkham Knight.  This edition comes with the standard special edition extras, like the Harley Quinn DLC, plus the Scarecrow missions, and the Batmobile skin. It’ll come with a unique skin as well that will not be packaged with the other language variants of Arkham Knight.

For those of you who don’t know or particularly care about your video game cases, a steel book case is a metal, limited edition case for your game to be put in. They tend to look much, much nicer then your standard casing and are highly prized among people who collect special editions of video games.  If you speak German at all, this might be the version to own, given it’s lovely detail and added bonuses. It remains to be seen if the US or the rest of Europe will receive this special edition, and if it’ll be from Amazon or another retailer.

Source: Amazon.de