Fox Releases New Promo Clips for Gotham S1E17, ‘Red Hood’

Yep, I was wrong. Fox does not read my articles and decided that they were just having some off weeks. It’s back to basics this week as Fox releases half the episode in three promo clips and one featurette for this week’s Gotham, entitled, “Red Hood.”

In this clip, I’m getting some very strange vibes from Barbara as she regresses to a state of playing dress-up with two preteen girls.

In this clip, Gordon is explaining the concept of Robin Hood to a very smitten bank employee.

In this clip, the bellmen behind the bar give Penguin the bad news about the lack of alcohol. Suddenly, Butch has a mind of his own again.

And this last clip is a featurette that discusses the impact of the Red Hood on this pre-Batman Gotham. This Red Hood character has some serious delusions of grandeur. A punch from a spiked gauntlet can’t come fast enough.

Check out the debut of the Red Hood gang on tomorrow’s Gotham, premiering February 23 at 8/7C on Fox.

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Adam Poncharoen​sub

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