Fox Releases New Promo Clips for Gotham S1E16, ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’

Allow me to pat myself on the back because these days Fox doesn’t seem to be too eager to release half of the episode via promo clips. Let me live under the delusion that Fox actually reads my articles.

Regardless, we’ve got two promo clips from this week’s Gotham, entitled “The Blind Fortune Teller,” airing this Monday. They’re both in seemingly sequential order and therefore don’t reveal any more of the other plots. However, what they do reveal is a pretty big clue to a future character.

Leslie and Jim are enjoying a day at the circus when suddenly a brawl breaks out. CLOWNS VS. ACROBATS. Place your bets! Will athletic ability overcome unpredictability and controlled chaos?

In this clip, we’ve got some Capulet vs. Montague… I mean Lloyd vs. Grayson circus drama going on. Nope, no real subtlety behind these feuding families. However, please check them out as they air their dirty laundry to a complete stranger.

In lieu of more spoilers, they’ve opted for a couple featurettes.

The first one addresses the Scarecrow, his recently revealed origin, and his likely return to Gotham. Although I enjoyed what they did with the character, this featurette was a bit of a snoozer.

This last featurette is more so a synopsis of the episode premiering tomorrow. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything enlightening coming out of this, but it is very cool to see them flash our would-be Joker, cut to black, and play a very maniacal laugh.

Check out the debut of the Flying Graysons on Gotham, Monday, February 16 at 8/7C on Fox.

Source – Superherohype

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