DC’s Second Free Comic Book Day Title


So far DC’s got two free comics coming your way for Free Comic Book Day this year. One is the already proudly announced DC COMICS: DIVERGENCE with the previews for Batman, Justice League, and Superman, but did you know there’ll be a second one? The second book will be a Teen Titans Go/Scooby Doo Team Up. Check out the solicit for it below if you’re interested in the second free comic that’ll be released on FCBD,  May 2nd this year.

DC Entertainment’s all-ages FCBD special edition has two tales for readers of all ages! The Teen Titans are back in Teen Titans Go! Chapter 10, andScooby Doo Team Up! #6 features the Super Friends! Readers will want to follow the adventures of the Teen Titans in Teen Titans Go!Volume 1 , and Scooby Doo’s adventure with the Super Friends will continue in the forthcoming collected edition of Scooby Doo Team-Up! Super-hero adventures for readers of all ages have never been so much fun!
Rating: All-Ages

Source: Bleedingcool