New 8-Page Stories to be Included in DC Comics ‘Convergence’ Titles

If you haven’t heard the news yet, it seems that DC Comics are eliminating the New 52. I’ve still not quite grasped all the changes, but it seems that they are doing a mini-relaunch, which includes a ton of brand-new titles as well as streamlining some continuities, origins, and universes. The New 52 continuity will not be thrown out altogether, but some characters among the 25 new titles may be receiving some alterations. For instance, DC specifically name-checked their extremely popular TV series Arrow and how fans will be able to explore Black Canary’s adventures further in the comic books. I wouldn’t be surprised if the comic book Black Canary started adopting some traits from her TV counterpart.

When the mini-relaunch was announced, DC made mention of three 8-page previews featuring Batman, Superman, and the Justice League in a book called Divergence to be released on Free Comic Book Day. It seems that said heroes will not be the only one receiving that treatment. Last Friday, DC Comics held a retailer meeting in Burbank and announced that for their upcoming Convergence event, select books in May will contain an 8-page original story for an upcoming title coming out in June. These are not previews in the same vein of the Divergence previews announced, these will be separate original stories that will not be featured in the run itself. Also, they will be made available online for free, but presumably will disappear for some time and will only resurface once the run is gathered for a collected edition.


Check the list of new titles launching in June here.

What do you think? Is this a welcome fresh start for some characters? Or too much change?

Source – Bleeding Cool

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