New ‘Batman Beyond’ Comic Book Confirmed to Take Place Within DC Continuity Proper

When DC announced the massive slate of books launching in June earlier today, there was some speculation as to what continuity the new Batman Beyond book will take place in. To this point, every Batman Beyond title has taken place in the same universe as the animated series of the same name. Considering Dan Jurgens is writing the new ongoing (and being joined by artist Bernard Chang), I wondered if this would take place within proper DC comic book continuity. After all, Jurgens was part of the Futures End creative team that brought Terry McGinnis into The New 52.

Thanks to the DC All Access bonus clip at the top of this article, we now know that the new series does indeed spin out of Futures End. As to when it takes place and what characters are involved… I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Be sure to sit through the video as the crew picks their Top 8 books from the new line.

For a full list of June books and creative teams, click here.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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