TNT’s ‘Titans’ Lineup Revealed!

Pilot shooting season is approaching and a show that will hopefully grace screens this fall is TNT’s Titans. Thanks to Nerdist, we know what characters will appear in the pilot episode. Keep in mind other characters can eventually show up, but I disagree with the possibility of Cyborg making an appearance. He’s now commonly associated with the Justice League and will most likely remain exclusive to the big screen DC Universe.

Here are your Titans:


Dick Grayson/ Robin/ Nightwing 

A maturing Dick Grayson will start the series as Robin, fresh off his split with Batman. He will eventually take on the Nightwing persona and will be found working as a private detective in Boston, not Bludhaven.


Barbara Gordon/ Oracle

The wheelchair bound computer genius will not only be a part of the show, it will be acknowledged that she was once Batgirl. It’s likely the Joker was responsible for her paralysis, therefore he exists in this universe.


Hawk and Dove

The show will make use of the male/ female version of this duo. Expect them to be lovers.


Rachel Roth/ Raven

This mystical character will no doubt bring an interesting dynamic to the show. Perhaps she will still be the daughter of the demon Trigon in this version.



Koriand’r, princess of the planet Tamaran, will appear with Raven at the end of the pilot and will likely play bigger parts as the series goes forward. Expect a love triangle between her, Dick Grayson, and Barabara Gordon.

For more information, check out the video below.

Source: Nerdist

Eric Joseph

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