Batman/Superman #18: The Flash 75 Variant Cover

Batman/Superman #18 will kick January in the shins when Superman uncovers the identity of an unseen terror that has been destroying targets related to him, while Batman attempts to protect Lois Lane.  Yet, the truth will hurt Superman in unimaginable ways.

batman superman #18 variant cover
Batman/Superman #18: Flash 75 Variant Cover by Scott Williams and Jim Lee.  Looks like the Flash stopped in to say hello.  Are his flowers for Superman?

Batman/Superman #18 is written by Greg Pak, illustrated by Sandra Hope and Ardiyan Syaf, and has cover art by Danny Miki and Ardiyan Syaf.  The issue will be on sale by January 21, 2015, and will cost $3.99, while the combo pack edition (which includes both a hard copy and a digital copy) will cost $4.99.

The Flash’s flowers may not be for Algernon, Batman, or Superman, so perhaps he’s got a hot date to catch, particularly because 2015 will mark the Flash’s 75th anniversary, and he may be a hot commodity.

Algernon. He needs flowers.

Source: DC Comics