Capullo’s ‘Batman’ #36 Cover

Initially, the cover of Batman #36 was generic and essentially nondescript, due to the possibility that providing a more visually striking cover could spoil certain story elements.  Nevertheless, the real cover is available for your viewing pleasure, and is rather visually arresting.  It features a Joker-ized Superman who bears bloody hands and teeth clenched in a psychotic smile.

Batman #36 Cover:

batman #36 BM-Cv36-0096c
Batman #36

Batman #36 is the second part of the “Endgame” story, which DC says is “steeped in mystery” (while Superman’s hands appear to be steeped in blood).

According to CBR, Scott Snyder made a point of comparison between “Death of the Family” (Snyder and Capullo’s previous Joker story) and “Endgame”:

“This one is meant to be like a kaleidoscopic use of color and art.  Where the first one was black, horror, grisly; this one is, Joker’s just sort of there, taking everything he wants.  So there’s a sense of scope to it that I think will be reflected in the art and coloring.”

Batman #36 is scheduled to be released on November 12, 2014.

Source: Comic Book Resources