Lego Batman 3: Trailer and Celebrity Voice Actors

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham has a pretty star studded cast voicing it’s cast of Lego-fied DC heroes. Stephen Amell. from Arrow, will be playing Green Arrow but a few other celebrities will be in the game as characters that aren’t from the DC Universe. Big names like Conan O’Brien and Kevin Smith will be themselves in the game, helping players out. Kevin Smith will given powers that reflect his personality in real life, giving him a loud speaker. Thankfully, someone reminded him that this is a family game and he will not be shouting things that made Kevin Smith a household name.

Conan will be helping people by giving hints, tips and explanations. Conan, known for his height, couldn’t be made to be taller than the other Legos, but they did make his head and hairstyle nice and big to appease all those Conan O’Brien purists who play Lego Batman 3. Kevin Smith on the other hand seems to be having a kind of spasm at the joy he feels at being a part of this game, and as himself to boot, even offering to voice Man-Bat. We’ll see these comedy legends in action when Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham releases November 11th, this year.