List Of DC’s Panels At New York Comic Con 2014

Thursday 10/9/14

3:15-4:00pm DC Comics – Master Class: Art History

DCE Panelist/Moderator: Larry Ganem

Talent: Amanda Conner, David Finch, Babs Tarr

Class is in session as some of the greatest artists in the industry take this panel to school with an in-depth look at their creative process! DC Comics is proud to spotlight these talented individuals for this exclusive, all-access look at what it’s like drawing for DC!

Room 1A24

6:15-7:00pm Mad about MAD

DCE Panelists: Ryan Flanders, Sam Viviano

Moderator: John Ficarra

Talent: Peter Kuper, Tom Richmond, Jonathan Bresman

MAD, the country’s #1-selling humor magazine (in a field of 1), is dumber than ever! Join MAD Magazine editor John Ficarra and art director Sam Viviano for a ridiculous peek at what’s happening at the magazine, and an epically, moronic Q&A that’s bound to be, well, MAD! (Prizes will be awarded for most moronic questions!) 

Room 1A24

Friday 10/10/14

1:15-2:00pm DC Comics – Green Lantern: Godhead Begins!

Moderator: John Cunningham

Talent: Bernard Chang, Van Jensen, Justin Jordan, Brad Walker, Robert Venditti

The next Green Lantern epic begins as the New Gods descend on the universe! Join the creative corps behind the Corps as Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, Justin Jordan, and Brad Walker give an exclusive look at this universe altering event!

Room 1A06


3:15-4:15pm DC Comics – Batman: Gotham Rising

Moderator: John Cunningham

Talent: Marc Andreyko, Brian Buccellato, Greg Capullo, Brenden Fletcher, Francis Manapul, Scott Snyder, Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr, Peter Tomasi, James Tynion IV

Even after 75 years of stories, the Bat-family comics couldn’t be any hotter! Join the talent behind the Dark Knight for an exclusive look at what’s in store for the World’s Greatest Detective! With all star creatorsthere has never been a better time to walk the streets of Gotham City!

Empire Stage 1-E


5:15-6:00pm Vertigo: Defy Conventions

Moderator: John Cunningham

Talent: Rafael Alberqurque, Kurt Busiek, Ian Edgington, Caitlin Kittredge, Gail Simone, Scott Snyder

Vertigo is back in New York and ready to blow your mind with trend-setting comics and top-notch talent! From horror to mythic fiction to sci-fi and beyond, join us and see what amazing new ideas are coming your way from the imprint that’s on a mission to defy all your expectations!

Room 1A06

Saturday 10/11/14

2:00-3:00pm DC Entertainment – Batman 75th Anniversary

Moderator: Blair Herter

Talent: Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Kevin Conroy, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Snyder

Throughout his 75 year history, the Dark Knight has become one of the most popular and widely recognized super heroes in the world. From comics to TV to movies to video games, the World’s Greatest Detective has permeated all entertainment mediums and beyond. Come by for a look at Batman’s rich history and what the future holds this pop culture icon with industry titans and other surprise guests! 

Empire Stage 1-E

4:15-5:00pm DC Comics – Champions of Justice

Moderator: John Cunningham

Talent: Tony Daniel, Ray Fawkes, David Finch, Geoff Johns, Tom King, Aaron Kuder, Paul Levitz, Greg Pak, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tim Seeley

The heroes of DC Comics – The New 52 return to New York for a star studded, action packed panel! Join the creators of DC Comics’ most powerful and influential heroes and heroines for a sneak peek of what is to come for these champions of justice!
Room 1A06


6:15-7:00pm DC Entertainment: Women of DC Entertainment

DCE Panelists: Shelly Bond, Bobbie Chase

Moderator: Amanda Salmons

Talent: Marguerite Bennett, Becky Cloonan, Amanda Conner, Meredith Finch, Caitlin Kittredge, Gail Simone, Babs Tarr

This amazing cast of editors, artists and writers – discuss their unique creative processes on some of your favorite titles.  Not to be missed!

Room 1A06


Sunday 10/12/14

2:00-2:45pm DC Digital: Download This!

DCE Panelist: Hank Kanalz

Moderator: John Cunningham

Talent: Marc Andreyko, Marc Guggenheim, Kyle Higgins, Shawn Kittelsen, Bryan Q. Miller, Jeff Parker, Bruno Redondo, Cat Staggs

DC Entertainment’s digital initiative has been a pioneer in digital comics! Come get an exclusive look at the exciting series that make up the future of digital comics with all-star talent!

Room 1A21

3:15-4:00pm DC Entertainment All Access: Essentials

Moderator: John Cunningham

Go behind the scenes of DC Entertainment for an in-depth look at some of the most exciting stories ever told across DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD! New and veteran fans alike are welcome for a tutorial on the essential stories and products that make up DC Entertainment’s rich history.

Room 1A06 


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