UD Replicas taking Pre-Orders soon for Arkham Knight suit

UD Replicas are on the verge of releasing their latest motorcycle suit, and it could be the most popular one yet. Arkham Knight is coming and it looks just like what we have seen in the cinematic trailer released earlier in the year (for the upcoming Rocksteady game). UD Replicas are renowned for their quality, attention to detail, and mastery across the board. We are confident that this suit won’t be any exception.

Batman: Arkham Knight’s advertising campaign has been centred around the catch phrase, ‘Be the Batman’. It ties in so well with what UD Replicas is releasing because once you put this new suit on, you defiantly will be the Batman. For the hardcore Dark Knight fans if you want to invest in a cape and cowl, you will need to source them elsewhere as UD tailor their products on traditional motorcycle suits. That will include:

  • Pants
  • Jacket
  • Belt
  • Boots
  • Gloves

A recommended retail price has not been released as yet, however based on previous suits we anticipate if you purchase the entire kit you could be up for close to $2000. Please keep in mind, this is only our opinion and not the price of the actual suit.

Taken from the UD Replicas website, the first shot of the entire suit
Taken from the UD Replicas website, the first shot of the entire suit

If you wan’t to know when to pre-order, go to the UDReplicas website and sign up for the free newsletter and you will receive an email when they open.

I’ll be parting with my hard earned dollars, so go ahead and treat yourself or a loved one!

I will leave you with one last piece of inspiration if you are in two minds about pre-ordering

Be the Batman.


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