Secret Six To Return In ‘Very Dangerous, Sexy Book’

Fresh off a spectacular three year run on Batgirl, writer Gail Simone is ready to reveal her next project: a New 52 relaunch of Secret Six. It’s a title she’s had experience with before DC rebooted its main continuity. However, things will be a little different this time in what she promises  “is going to be a very dangerous, sexy book.” 

The full lineup is still a mystery, but we do know that the book will see the New 52 debuts of a bisexual Catman and Black Alice; the former being a skilled hunter and the latter being a magic-stealing goth teen. These two and four others will find themselves trapped in a room with no idea how they got there. I’m guessing that you should get used to seeing Catman because it appears that he’s the central character.

“You’re going to see right away kind of what Catman’s about,” Simone told LA Times. “I don’t want to reveal too much just because it is part of his character and part of his story to unfold these things through the story.”

Secret Six #1 will be available December 3. Ken Lashley (Superman: Doomed) will join Simone as interior artist. Dale Eaglesham (Justice Society of America) was responsible for character designs and will provide cover art. You can check out his cover for the debut issue below.


Source: LA Times Hero Complex

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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