Gotham First Look: ‘This is Not a City or Job for Nice Guys’

Riddled with quotable lines and phrases, this particular Gotham First Look segment offers insight into the upcoming TV series, which seems to be rooted in a realistic world permeated by crime and darkness — evil that can only alleviated by those with higher morals or perhaps the efforts of costumed heroes — but the emphasis of the show will focus on the origins of such darkness.

Gotham is a story about the origins of the great DC super-villains.  We’ll be seeing how they came to be — Catwoman, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, the Penguin…what made the Joker ‘the Joker’…how did Scarecrow become the Scarecrow?  Why did the city get in such a state that it needed a masked vigilante to save it?  …our hero is [Detective] James Gordon…

Gordon is partnered with Harvey Bullock, and things might not always go “by the book,” but the job will get done.  The murder of Bruce’s parents is the catalyst for an important shift in the development of Gotham, a city where characters like the Penguin will shed light on the area’s corrupt nature.  We hear that it’s not quite a comical world, but rather, is a vivid world where “rivers of blood” will color the sidewalks; still, we don’t expect gore, or much gore, since it’s network television of the Bat variety…but that’s fine.  When’s the last time we saw a TV show focusing on Gordon operating in a younger Gotham in which Bruce hasn’t yet donned a Batsuit?

Check out this Gotham TV series First look. It sheds light on the upcoming show, which should surely please fans that possess hunger for more live-action Bat-related media.

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