‘Young Justice’ To Crossover With ‘Teen Titans Go!’

This is a story that I’m rather surprised hasn’t been picked up by many outlets: the sadly cancelled Young Justice will crossover with Teen Titans Go! in a future episode of the latter. I can’t find too many details as of now, but this was announced during the Warner Archive panel at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. What we can tell you is that the Young Justice team will show up to criticize the Titans for not being serious enough.

As of now, no air date has been set. You may remember that Young Justice ended on a cliffhanger, which made its cancellation even more disappointing. Former Young Justice producer Greg Weisman has been discussing this subject quite at bit on his Twitter page, so head over there for the latest information and conversations. I will offer you his most recent Tweet on the matter at the time of my typing this:

We’ll bring you all we can pertaining to this crossover as it develops. Stay tuned to DKN.

Source: Comic Book Cast

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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