‘BvS’ Cinematographer Tweets Behind the Scenes Photo of ‘Historic’ Day

Larry Fong, the director of photography on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, recently made headlines when he posted a photo on his Instagram of a playing card stuck in a block of concrete. Fong’s caption included Superman and from there, people assumed that it was a behind the scenes photo from the BvS shoot. Fans, however, took it a step further and believed that this was a hint at the Joker, considering the villain has been known to wield a Joker playing card from time to time. Unfortunately, this was simply a case of folks jumping the gun once again. Fong did attempt to dispel the rumors, but alas, it was out of his control.

Fong has decided to take to social media once again and has posted a photo to Twitter.

The caption remains particularly vague, leading me to believe that Fong has learned his lesson about social media. Considering the fact that Clay Enos is the still photographer for BvS, it wasn’t hard for fans to deduce what this photo has to do with. Aside from that, we haven’t really gotten much from the photo and caption. However, Enos did weigh in the photo and has given us something to think about. 

“Historic,” huh? Hmmm… what could he possibly mean? Fong left us another cryptic clue in a reply to Enos. 

So, we’ve got “historic” and that it gave Fong some “chills.”

Still, there isn’t a direct reference to BvS here. After those photos were posted, Enos began replying to fans. And though he remains intentionally ambiguous on the subject, we can somewhat make out that these may be connected to BvS.

At the very least, it seems we won’t be seeing anything out of this photo shoot for a long time.

Was there a “historic” photo shoot yesterday that gave Larry Fong “chills?” Yes, but was it connected to BvS in any way? That remains unconfirmed. Lots of websites are reporting that this could possibly be the first photo shoot of the Trinity, but with no evidence even linking the movie to the photo shoot, I’d rather not jump the gun. 

What do you think? Could it  possibly be the Trinity? Or another unrelated photo shoot? 

Source – Twitter (Via ComicBookMovie)


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