DC Comics’ own superhero Jim Lee with Batman Art & Collectibles

He is my personal all time favorite artist who has brought the iconic Dark Knight to life across various mediums. His work is well known and regarded as ‘brilliant’ across the globe. His name is Jim Lee and, if you are a Batman fan and do not know who this artist is, this link will be a good start for you. When I look at his work, it personifies everything that the figure of Batman should, the mood, the structure, style, and definition all form a presence on the ‘page’ like no other.

Recently, the legendary DC artist was photographed in his offices at DC with a host of Batman Art and various collectibles. We have shared the images here with you to celebrate his work on the 75th year of the Batman. With the San Diego Comic Con event coming up, we expect ‘Batman’ to play a big role and, with Jim Lee’s work gracing the cover of the official magazine, I would think Lee’s Batman persona will be strongly represented.


Source: Dailynews.com 


Damian Fasciani

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