Square Enix’s Exclusive SDCC Arkham Origins Figure

Comic Con is coming and I’m sure all of you going are eagerly waiting to see what exclusive goodies the con will have to offer. One of them is a Square Enix PVC figure of the Dark Knight from Batman: Arkham Origins. Along with how wonderfully shiny the Caped Crusader looks with his glossy metallic coloring, the figure will also have an articulated cape, meaning you can finally get that billowing cape look just right when you want to make the Batman pose for your shelf. The figure is priced at $99.99, and the limited-edition version can be ordered online now, but if you’re really bold, you can grab one of the 500 at the Convention, while another 500 will be available for purchase online. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to grab yours before they’re all gone. Check out the gallery below for yourselves to see how great this figure looks.

Source: Square Enix via CBR