‘Batman Arkham Knight’: More on the story, Batmobile, and Scarecrow

The Dark Knight and the Batmobile go hand in hand, in almost every story arc, comic, and film we experience the both of them. The car is an important extension of Batman and his quest to bring justice to those who deserve it. We have seen it almost everywhere, and now we will see it while we are gaming. Arkham Knight as you know will bring you the total Batman experience that we have craved for so long.

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Rocksteady- dating back to 2011 – wanted to incorporate the Batmobile into their Batman universe, but needed to do so in a meaningful manner that would add value to the fans sitting in their lounge room. The introduction of the latest gaming consoles and its associated technology made it possible to deliver a true Batmobile experience.

As for the storyline, Arkham City didn’t have Scarecrow playing a main role because he was earmarked for this chapter. From what we have seen so far, he has orchestrated a war against Batman. What comes with war? An army, and the Dark Knight knows an Army is going to have to be defeated to reclaim his city. In response to what is required, it seems that Batman has upgraded his arsenal by building an “Armoured” based Batsuit with a kick ass Batmobile that has a very similar look and feel. It almost seems like the suit and the car are one entity, and the game play suggests so. In turn, we should be graced with the most compelling experience we have seen in the franchise yet. Even though Rocksteady have said this is their final Batman Chapter, who knows what will come next if the game hits new heights.

Arkham Knight comes out in 2015

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