Rumor: New Details on Wonder Woman Costume, Batman, Luthor in ‘Batman v. Superman’

A  few weeks back, we got what was supposedly some new details regarding Wonder Woman’s costume for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The report said that WW’s apparel will match issue #600 from 2010, which saw the iconic superheroine putting on a pair leather black pants and leather jacket. However, after backtracking through a few websites, I found the source of this scoop was from a less than reputable site known as KPopStarz. The name doesn’t instill much confidence in that piece of news.

Today, we’ve got some pretty big BvS news coming from a more reliable source, a little site known as JoBlo. At least, their main focus is on movies rather than Korean pop. The scoop they received, of course, comes from an anonymous source that provided them with some pretty significant and juicy details that will be treading on some spoiler territory.



If you’re still with me, I’ve got some doozeys ready for you. First off, if we’re to believe Joblo’s source, WW’s costume is not like what was described by KPopStarz (Go figure). It seems Wonder Woman will likely be sporting a slightly more traditional look. Instead of the black pants or the leotard, she will be wearing a blue leather skirt, her bracelets reach further down her arms, toward her elbows, and she will be wearing a golden tiara and a slightly modified red top. No additional details surrounding her top, unfortunately. The big quotes coming out of this scoop is “battle ready” and “badass.” The “badass” part makes sense when you take into account that fact that WW will be armed. Apparently, she will be wielding her lasso, a sword, a spear, and a shield. Apparently, WB is getting a really positive response on her new duds. How much will we be seeing her in the flick? A decent amount, it seems. She will be referred to as “Diana” for the majority of the movie and her origin will not be explored, but she will appear in the last act, teaming up with Batman and Superman against a unknown villain to be associated with Lex Luthor in some capacity, either working with or for him… Umm… I just got goosebumps typing that out. THAT IS THE TRINITY TEAMING UP ON-SCREEN!


On to other cool details. Bats is pretty much what we expected. He’s been at this crimefighting game for a while and is willing to do anything to ensure justice is served, which clashes with the militant Supes. Nothing particularly new there. The new, interesting tidbit is the fact that Bats no longer lives in Wayne Manor, but rather in a “modern-looking cottage by a lake” somewhere on the grounds. His Batcave is located beneath the cottage.

Onward to Luthor, which is unfortunately, the least interesting part of this scoop. Reportedly, Luthor will be sporting alex-luthor-comics-hair coif of red hair at the beginning of the film and will be a textbook narcissist, believing himself to be perfection gifted to mankind. Because of Supes is pretty much a god himself, this threatens Luthor’s ego. Therefore, he begins his campaign to influence the already fearful citizens of Metropolis against Superman. Some citizens view Supes as a hero, others are not so sure.

Everything about Wonder Woman seems incredible. I’m not so much a fan of the skirt, but everything else presented about this character is pretty awesome. She is an Amazonian soldier and it seems like this movie is ready to put that forward. No surprises with Bats. They obviously took their influence from The Dark Knight Returns and even then, it’s not uncharted territory. Everything that was said about their relationship should be familiar with most comic book fans. As for Luthor, I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but I suppose that is Luthor. He both admires and envies Supes, which helps to fuel his hatred and vindictive vendetta against the Kryptonian, but seeing it written out like that, it brings to mind an impetuous and jealous little brat. At the very least, I just hope he plays it with some subtlety.

Above all else, it’s always important to keep in mind that none of this is substantiated and will still be treated as a RUMOR. Yes, that means that salt must be kept at arm’s length.

What do you think? Ready for a Trinity to finally team up on screen? Are they getting Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor right? Let me know.

Source – JoBlo

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