‘Gotham City Sirens’ Fan Film Teaser Trailer


The great thing about Batman’s corner of the DC Universe is that it features characters so rich they can support their own stories. Such is the case for the upcoming fan film/ web series Gotham City Sirens, directed by Metro Detroit based filmmaker Terrell Culbert. Aside from the above teaser trailer, he has ventured into the realm of making DC fan films with previous efforts like Teen Titans and The Catwoman. 

The premise for this particular outing is as follows:

“Gotham City Sirens” is a fan film that tells the story of an unstable alliance between Pamela Lillian Isley, Harley Quinn and Selina Kyle. Each of them has a dark past and reputations that have made them into some of Gotham’s most notorious criminals.

Catwoman has always been a highly skilled thief and a loner. So when she teams up with Ivy and Harley, it’s to pursue a very lucrative business opportunity. Naturally, it’s illegal. But during this partnership, Selina has to make some harsh decisions, choices that beg the question is she friend or foe to her new surrogate family.

Terrell hopes to land a job with a major comic book publisher one day and uses fan films as an outlet to display his visual flair. This new endeavor also displays his growth as a filmmaker and is also a followup to the aforementioned The Catwoman. He also hopes this can get picked up as a Machinima series.

Stay tuned to DKN for all the latest news concerning Gotham City Sirens.  If you do want to see this blossom into a series, visit the official Kickstarter page to contribute funds. You can also find more details about the project over there.


Leez Nikollaj as Catwoman

Kelly Kirstein as Poison Ivy

Kristina Marie as Harley Quinn

Brian David as Hush

Terence Cover as The Riddler

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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