DC’s September Batman Collectibles Solicits.

The Batman collectibles for the month of September have had their solicits revealed recently, giving you Batman fans the time needed to pre-order or manage your money so you can buy them up like I will.  First up we have some Batman: The Animated Series figures that’ll be released this fall. Robin, Joker, the New Batman Adventures variant to Poison Ivy, as well as Man-Bat will all be released as figures ranging between 5 inches tall to 6.75 inches tall. The Arkham Series of games are also getting some love with new Batman: Arkham Origins 4-pack, which will set you back $59.99. At roughly $15 dollar a figure, included will be the Batman, Joker, Black Mask, and Deathstroke all at a 6.7 inch tall size. However, the various medias outside of the comics aren’t the only versions of the Dark Knight and his supporting cast that are getting love. None of these figures have a set release date yet.

A Batman: Black and White statue of Batman and the Joker is being released as well. Based on the work of Dick Sprang, these limited editions of the Caped Crusader and the Clown Prince of Crime will have 5,200 of each figure released. They’ll set you back $79.99, but these 7 inch tall statues have been lovingly created to bring you the best statue of beloved characters from a beloved series, and are well worth the price. These will be released in December, so make sure you get your pre-orders in before these limited edition statues are gone.

Are you both a fan of wooden and eco-friendly figures as well? Well then you are in luck because they are releasing new wooden figures of Batman and his long time ally Superman made of Rubberwood. With a fun rubbery look to them, these figures are at an affordable $12.95 each and are 4 inches tall, the perfect size for a small shelf collection. However, maybe you’re not interested in the softer and lighter depictions of Batman. No, you’re the collector who wants to drop serious cash on something very majestic and brooding. You are in luck, Batman consumer, because they are releasing a figure that I’m sure every Bat-fan will want to own and will be the envy of your friends and comic fans across the ‘net.

The Dark Knight Returns is maybe one of the most seminal Batman stories of all time. It’s beyond iconic, influence things from the main stream comics, to television, to the film series. One scene that might stick out of your mind will be Batman riding a Horse through a Gotham aflame, after all the electricity in Gotham has failed. Rising upwards on his noble steed, Batman takes the streets back from the chaos of the Sons of Batman and uses them to help restore order to the city. Now you can own that scene forever as an incredibly well done figure. Released for the Chinese Year of the Horse, this Batman figure is a must-own for anyone with the money to afford it. There will only be 1000 released of this 14 inch tall figure, and will set you back $399.99 dollars this December, but it might be hands down one of the best pieces of Batman merch I have seen.

For you Harley Quinn fans, DC has not forgotten you either. To coincide with DC’s Bombshell covers, they are releasing a ‘Bombshell’ variant figure of Harley. At 10 inches tall, and a price tag of $124.95, it will make an excellent addition to your collection of Harley Quinn figurines. As with all the others, this figure will be released in December, making it a great gift idea for anyone who’s got a lot of love for Harley Quinn. This December is looking especially strong for Batman figure collector’s, especially with that limited edition The Dark Knight Returns figure. What do you all think is something you’d like to buy from this list of merch?


Source: Newsarama and DC Comics