Shanghai Propmaker Builds Replica Tumbler


26-year old propmaker Li Weilei of Shanghai, China has made a pretty profitable business off of Batman. He and his team build Batmobiles, particularly replicas of the Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy.

He’s built at least a dozen of the vehicle, and though his replicas lack an engine and functional steering, they certainly look the part. Additionally, they net a pretty penny for Weilei, who spent 70,000 yuan ($11,000) to procure the parts necessary for the Tumbler, and rents it for $1600 a day, or $16,000 to buy permanently. Off rentals alone, the Tumbler nets $10,000 to $11,000 in revenue every month for Weilei.

Each Tumbler is made of roughly 10 tons of scrap metal, and takes Li Weilei and four friends several months to build. You can check out more images of Weilei’s Tumbler in the gallery below.


Source: Business Insider