Rumor: Details of ‘Batman v. Superman’ Wonder Woman Costume Revealed?

A couple weeks back, there were candid photos of Gal Gadot, looking stunning as always, on location in Detroit, shooting scene for Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice. At the time, Gadot was wearing a simple blue dress, which didn’t really reveal much for the fans except that Gadot supposedly gained some weight (which I still do not see).

Purists and elitists will likely not be happy with the rumors surfacing recently for Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume. The grapevine is telling us that Wonder Woman’s costume will based upon the redesign that occurred back in 2010, when they gave her pants. In issue #600, when J. Michael Straczynski took up writing duties for the title, Jim Lee did away with the iconic swimsuit in favor of a more modern, more practical look that gave the character leather pants and a jacket.  If I remember correctly, most fans were unhappy with such a drastic change.


A couple months ago, Michael Wilkinson, costume designer for BvS, spoke on the WW costume briefly. The clue should have been in this little quote: “We try to create a Wonder Woman relevant for today’s audiences.” So, if we are to believe this rumor, it coincides with what Wilkinson said. I suppose in the attempt to appease fans, he made sure to follow that statement up with some appreciation for the gladiator look.

Personally, I’m not attached to any iteration of Wonder Woman and I’m always open to change. Considering it really would be more practical to offer the character a pair of pants, I welcome this change. However, I’m not very inclined to believe it considering most places are sourcing the FlickeringMyth, while the FlickeringMyth is sourcing the veritable giant in comic book journalism, KPopStarz. Soo, that means you should treat this as a rumor and break out the salt pour into every molecule that makes up this story. Pour that salt like you’ve never done before.

What do you think? Ready for a live-action Wonder Woman with pants? Or are we entitled to at least one outing in the swimsuit? Let me know.

Source – KPopStarz (FlickeringMyth)

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