Another Peek at the BvS Batmobile: A Rally Fighter?

Relatively new images of the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile have surfaced from the depths of the internet, and the new Bat-car looks as sleek as ever, almost like: a) an amalgamation of the Batmobiles from the past two decades, and b) a really sharp, aerodynamic rally car/fighter that only the Dark Knight could drive at full speed, without accidentally colliding with baby carriages or Italian fruit stands filled with oranges.

The sharp, sleep Bat-car in it’s big-wheel glory, and as it sits dormant, waiting for the Batman to turn the key…….


For referential purposes, let’s take a look at what a rally car or rally fighter might look like.

A rally fighter.  Notice that the car’s body is elevated, while the wheels are pronounced…


Let’s look at that Batmobile again:

“Zoom Zoom, Vroom. Woosh,” said the Batmobile, as it rolled by Katz’s Deli, searching for a parking spot so that Batfleck might procure a premium pastrami sandwich, with or without mustard.

Or does it more closely resemble R/C Buggy, or rather, an adult version of such an item?

rc buggy 1272592019501_hz_myalibaba_web10_1003
Dangerously fast. Furiously blue.


Regardless of what you think the new Batmobile seems to resemble, what do you think of the design thus far?  Does it look functional, menacing, cute, stylish, and creatively unique?  Perhaps.

Source: Car Scoops