More Photos of Gal Gadot on Set of Batman vs. Superman, Closer Look

A couple days ago, some inconspicuous passerby managed to snap some shots of Gal Gadot on set in Birmingham, Michigan. Today, it looks like another passerby managed to get a little closer, undetected. Looks like there are some ninjas  there in Michigan, because this looks like it was shot just a few feet away from our live-action Diana.

As I’ve said in the past, I have zero reservations with regards to her casting. I’m not very aware of her acting ability, but word-of-mouth tells me that she’s at least halfway decent and she’s very pretty. What has been talked about to death, however, is her size. Gal Gadot is a very slender woman and Amazonians tend to be much more bulkier. Since then, she has reportedly been hitting the gym to beef up for the role. Most folks have been noticing that she has gained enough weight to at least look fit. Though I don’t see any significant changes, I’m still relatively hopeful (and somewhat smitten) that she’ll do the role some justice.

Some folks are ready to see her in full Wonder Woman garb, but my hope is that the flick doesn’t introduce Wonder Woman until the very end. I’d rather that Gadot simply appear as Diana for the majority of the movie until they are faced with a threat so power that it requires her to reveal who she is. Otherwise, the movie will be cluttered with too many characters.

What do you think? Does she finally have the frame to play Wonder Woman? Or is she just too skinny for the role?

Source – Twitter (via ComicBookMovie)

Adam Poncharoen​sub

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