Will we see the Batman on hit TV show Arrow?


CW’s hit TV show Arrow is drawing to a close on its second season. The show is getting better with every episode and its becoming the premier TV product for DC, if not already. Over the first two seasons, they have managed to create a well-defined balance drawing parallels with Nolan’s world of the Dark Knight. We have seen an injection of characters from Batman’s world throughout the show and it’s one of many attributes that’s drawn growing popularity.

I have become a big fan of Stephen Amell, and while I was checking on his Facebook page, the Arrow star had his usual Q/A video up and available for the fans and the inevitable question came up on if we are going to see Bruce Wayne/Batman on the show? If we do who would he like to see play the character.

Amell answered with: ‘Robbie Amell…Easy pick. He would literally kill me if I said, ‘Ben Affleck.’

What do you think? Should Bruce Wayne be part of Arrow? If so, should it be Robbie Amell or someone else?



Damian Fasciani

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