Arkham Knight Preview Interview with Rocksteady Producer

Check out this brief preview of Batman: Arkham Knight with Rocksteady producer, Dax Ginn, who sheds some light on the next-generation aspect of the game, including Gotham’s scale, atmosphere, setting continuity, story (Joker’s death and Scarecrow’s resurgence), and Kevin Conroy’s role reprisal as Batman.

Regarding the story, Ginn said:

“The story of Batman: Arkham Knight really picks up twelve months after the death of Joker in Arkham City, so Joker’s death has left this power vacuum in Gotham, and the Scarecrow has returned to really take control of that and deliver the vengeance that he has been planning since Batman took him down in Arkham Asylum.”

Scarecrow, as seen in Arkham Asylum
Arkham Knight, a new original character for the upcoming next-gen game

Regarding Rocksteady’s Arkham Trilogy, Ginn said:

“I think, in the fullness of time, when game historians look back on the Arkham trilogy, the thing that will stand out as memorable is the fact that it was a series of games that genuinely made you feel like Batman; that’s all we wanted to do, right from day one with Arkham Asylum…I think that’s how this trilogy will be remembered.”

All who concur with the above statement, say “Aye!”


Regardless of whether or not we are ready for next-gen systems, Batman is ready for us…

Stay tuned for more on Arkham Knight, which will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC this fall.