World’s Greatest True Detective

View this True Detective/Batman mash-up that imaginatively and efficiently utilizes the HBO show’s opening credits as a backdrop for the Batman universe.  Imagine if someone created a gritty, slightly nihilistic, slow-paced, brooding TV series that dealt with detective work, existentialism, and personal issues…and it was a Batman series…  Well, perhaps that could be possible some day, as showcased by this quick mash-up video, which was created by Josh Newman.  Fans of both True Detective and Batman should be pleased by this awesome mash-up, which implies a dark connection between the brooding natures of the two separate universes; as a Batman fan who loves True Detective, I can say that it put a smile on my face…  Be on the lookout for Two-Face, Gordon, Batman, Alfred, Joker, and more!

worlds greatest true batman

Source: YouTube