Rumor: First “Gotham” series villain to be the Penguin

I mean they'll never beat Burgess Meredith's portrayal, but still.
I mean they’ll never beat Burgess Meredith’s portrayal, but still.

I’m on record for my deep affection for the Batman Rogue known as the Penguin. Under the right writer, he can be a charming, theatrical, sympathetic and always amoral villain that gives fans a nice break from the insane misfits the Dark Knight battles endlessly. Oswald Cobblepot is a villain that is fairly realistic, he’s a man who wants wealth and power, and feels his family name gives him the right to acquire that wealth and power through illicit means. Rumor has it that the new Gotham TV show they want to create, that will be focused around the GCPD, first’s antagonist will be no other than the Penguin.

Some writers tend to make the Penguin monstrous or ruthless to the point of psychopathy, however the Penguin is a villain that always reminds the readers of the Batman’s roots hunting down mobsters and gang members. He’s sane, albeit greedy and ruthless. For a series where you don’t yet have the mad men like the Joker or Two Face, because the Batman has yet to come into existence, there are few criminals from Gotham that’s as perfect to suit a role of an antagonist as Oswald Cobblepot. Now mind you this is a scoop without a confirmed source yet, so take it with a grain of salt. That said, it does make sense that someone who has the resources and drive to scourge the city of Gotham that doesn’t require the Batman to rush in to save the day is a pretty good selection as a villain. We’ll see how this plays out once more information becomes available.

Source: Twitter