Julie Newmar Catwoman Maquette Diorama

A DKN fan brought this up to my attention so I thought I would give out a quick spotlight. A young artist named Trevor Grove  makes TV and movie statues of some of the classics. In particular  a 1/6 scale Julie Newmar Catwoman based off the classic 60’s Batman TV show. Here is a small preview of what he is working on.


Julie Newmar Catwoman Maquette Diorama.

73159_650984351630075_1826026238_nPlease Keep in mind…this is an unfinished work in progress and has not received final approval…so things might change a bit. We do know she will be holding a Swarovski Emerald colored crystal in her right hand.

If you like what you see head over to their Facebook page where they are wanting feedback and thoughts on the statue as it is being finished or head over to Tweeterhead.

Source- Tweeterhead Facebook page




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